The Ability Experience

Dr. Richard Benson (UT Dallas President) at out bike-a-thon
As Men of Pi Kappa Phi we cherish our philanthropy, The Ability Experience, which is incredibly unique to our Fraternity. The Ability Experience, formerly known as PUSH America, is a nonprofit 501(c)3 entity that is operated by Pi Kappa Phi. Our mission is to use shared experiences to support people with disabilities and develop the Men of Pi Kappa Phi into servant leaders. To us, servant leadership means putting others before ourselves in everything we do and doing so with an attitude of respect and charity. Pi Kappa Phi values the abilities of all people, working together as a band of brothers, empathy towards all, and integrity above and beyond social norms. We hope to create a community, one relationship at a time, where the abilities of all people are recognized and valued. 
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Summer 2015 Ability Experience  featuring local brother JD Brown
Summer 2015 Ability Experience featuring local brother JD Brown
What can you do to help us? Please visit our secure, external fundraising page that will detail upcoming events and methods to donate to The Ability Experience. 
The Iota Xi chapter thanks you for your support of our shared mission!